My family has been working with Rebekah for almost 4 years. I can tell you that she has been extremely helpful, sincere, knowledgeable and prompt in her responsiveness. The remedies that she has prescribed for both acute situations and for everyday use have been extremely helpful. She has helped us through stomach viruses, ear infections, flus and behavioral and emotional issues. I am often amazed at the rapid response that we have to the remedies. It is truly an amazing therapy.

I highly recommend Rebekah personally. She is very thoughtful, attentive and knowledgeable along with being very sweet and empathetic.

-Michelle Papachristou

I wholeheartedly recommend Rebekah: my entire family sees her and haven't been to a pediatrician since we've started with her about a year ago. My daughter had frequent ear infections that would lead to temporary hearing loss each time she got one (which was pretty often). We went to an ENT specialist who recommended surgery: trimmed tonsils and adenoids and tubes in her ears. I hated the idea and someone recommended I see Rebekah. Within weeks we saw an improvement in her hearing, and within months the entire thing was cleared up. She's only had one infection since we started seeing Rebekah. And that one we cleared up very quickly with a remedy and no antibiotics and only minimal hearing loss for a much shorter duration than in the past. Her immune system is vastly improved.
My son was having some digestive issues and took a remedy, and they cleared up. We've had a few colds that we've been able to nip in the bud with a remedy, but what I appreciate most is that we just haven't had as many colds! I think the remedies combined with tips for holistic wellness have boosted all of our immune systems.
I took a constitutional remedy that Rebekah had recommended and feel like it did wonders. I wasn't sick but was often tired during the day - have always attributed that to just having two toddlers - but after taking the remedy I noticed a significant change in my energy level.
Rebekah has also been a wonderful source for advice on holistic wellness. And being a mother herself, has been a source of comfort and support in really every aspect of raising children.
She makes herself easily accessible and always is willing to help - she's extremely generous with her time. Both my children had a cough over the Christmas holiday and she was talking me through it even on Christmas Eve.

-Maria Spencer

Homeopathy with Rebekah, for me, has been a way for me to connect my physical state and emotional state and create healthfulness by my communicating with her and her finding a remedy for me based on our exchanges, which I have found to be extremely valuable! She's also been able to help my son (from age 2 months to now, 10 months) to be comfortable and content, something that I've wanted for him but felt like he needed help attaining.

-Kara Maria Dean-Assael